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AOL Autos announces 2012 Technology of the Year finalists – here’s my pick

Awards can be pretty important in the automotive world. Give an automaker an award and they’ll bang on about it for a pretty long while, before hopefully moving on to another one. And in this day and age, what more appropriate award than Technology of the Year? AOL Autos has just such an award, and is asking for people to vote on it from their list of finalists. Here’s what I voted for.

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Pondering cheap motoring: How much fun can you really buy for $2000?

You’re actually looking at $5700, but bear with me…

Cheap motoring. To some, it’s an oxymoron. But to others it’s a way of life, crawling under their cars every Sunday in order to avoid paying the mechanic down the street. If, like me, you fall under the latter, I’ve put together a shortlist of interesting, sub-$2000 cars that I’ve come across in the last little while.

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