Mercedes teases next CLS through sculpture

Strangely, the most important exhibit at the Mercedes-Benz stand at this year’s Detroit Motor Show wasn’t the new E-Class Cabriolet, or any other car in fact. It was this sculpture, which is said to present style hints of the next-gen CLS.

While Mercedes might say that “this high-quality sculptural depiction was essentially created as an attempt by Mercedes-Benz Design to show the cultural feeling and creativeness of its designers in the five international design studios”, you shouldn’t be fooled. This is actually a disguised form or general idea for the design of the next generation Mercedes CLS.

It was inspired by natural forces, like sand dunes or snowdrifts, as well as viscous substances such as hot lava or mercury. It looks like a very fluid design, as if a cloth has been shaped into the form of a car.

At first it was uncertain if this really was a small teaser for the CLS, but as Mercedes-Benz is set to exhibit a concept at the Geneva Auto Show, it is now almost certain that was their intent.

The Alubeam silver paint finish creates a lot of elegant light and shady areas on the sculpture. The art form is also a reference to Mercedes-Benz’ motor sports history and “promises the innovations of the future“.

Source: Mercedes-Benz and Autocar

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