Peugeot aims for growth, launches new logo

This will be Peugeot’s new logo from now on, the French manufacturer announced, as it aims to become the seventh largest car maker by 2015. In an effort to refresh the brand, they have also launched a new slogan, and it plans to launch several new models in the future.

A massive task of launching 14 new vehicles by 2012 is Peugeot’s goal. One of these cars will be based on the BB1 urban commuter car, a very ugly urban runabout concept. That means that the road version of it will take on the very competitive supermini segment, a market where you have endless choice. Fortunately, PSA boss Jean Marc Gales confirmed that it will not retain the ugly shape of the prototype: “We will do it, it might not be the BB1 as you see it now, but we can capture the spirit and make it even better.”

Becoming the seventh largest car maker by 2015 is going to be a big challenge. Peugeot currently occupies tenth place in this category. That means a three-place jump in 6 years. Peugeot also aims to increase its sales by adopting a new design language which can be found on the beautiful SR1 concept. The new style will first appear on the new 408 which is set to be revealed in China at the end of this month.

Apart from the usual model range, the French firm is also planning to launch a more bespoke “Haute Series” which is set to debut with the RCZ this year. This new series will also feature two new models. Peugeot’s CEO also promises “driving pleasure and roadholding,” for future models although they say it will only be better handling for normal cars, not hot hatches or sports cars.

Source: Autocar

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