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Worst Car of the Year: Winner

On to the Worst Car of the Year. This has to excel in as many areas as possible…at annoying us and making everyone else sick. 2009’s pile of misery was reduced by us to just two cars. The winner however, is one of the most pointless and ugly cars we have ever seen. It is a car you would be totally ashamed to drive and you’d rather crash it before someone sees you in it. Who is the winner then? Our Worst Car of the Year is:

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Peugeot aims for growth, launches new logo

This will be Peugeot’s new logo from now on, the French manufacturer announced, as it aims to become the seventh largest car maker by 2015. In an effort to refresh the brand, they have also launched a new slogan, and it plans to launch several new models in the future.

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Peugeot unveils SR1 hybrid roadster concept

The French guys from Peugeot recently revealed pictures of their newest concept – the SR1 roadster. This fine-looking sports car will be officially unwrapped this March at the Geneva Motor Show and it is a new direction in the design of future Peugeot models.

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Peugeot may be Purchasing Mitsubishi

Peugeot has done some work with Mitsubishi recently. They’ve helped them with the Outlander, and the i-MiEV. Now, Mitsubishi is going through financial difficulties, and Peugeot is considering taking a majority stake in them.

This deal is apparently in the final stages, with Peugeot looking to stake a stake of over 50 percent. This deal would seemingly suit both parties very well, and it will likely go through soon.

Peugeot previously wanted to cooperate with Mitsubishi simply on a project-by-project basis, but it looks like these trouble financial times have changed things.

The plan would be for Mitsubishi to issue Peugeot $2.2 billion to $3.4 billion in new shares, giving them a 30 – 50 percent stake in the company.

Source: Inside Line

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