Saab mess-up continues

The Saab saga continues as reports suggest that Genii and Spyker have united their bids in order to save the Swedish brand from GM. The whole story is far from over and it is said to keep on going until February.

Even though the whole Saab story has been overshadowed by new car launches lately, it is very much still up and running. Luxembourg based firm Genii Capital has teamed up with F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone to make an improved bid for GM. While at first, only speculations, F1’s commercial rights holder has confirmed that he would like to buy Saab from General Motors. Svenska Dagbladet has reported that Genii might team up together with Spyker to present an even stronger bid.

Spyker however, have already improved their offer to GM and they suggest all the money GM requires is there: “We have shown Mr. Whitacre the money.” Spyker CEO Victor Muller said. However, stubborn GM officials suggest that they might continue winding down the brand until February.

Genii and Ecclestone suggest that they do have the money to provide a secure future for Saab. Lars Carlstrom, head of Genii Capital, stated about the improved Genii-Ecclestone bid: “It will show GM that the Ecclestone group is capable of providing financial strength to Saab during a long period of time and also show that the group has the know-how and capability, within its network, to run a company like Saab.”

Almost everyone from the automotive world want to see Saab live but unfortunately, GM seems to look in other directions as they are stupidly killing the brand. Fans of the Swedish car manufacturer are to enter rallies across the globe to show their support for the brand. Some guys in Russia have even produced a television commercial to broadcast their support.

AlixPartners, the firm GM employed to liquidate Saab, had troubles as well. Saab’s workers at the Trollhätten told the men who were there to liquidate Saab to go home.

If, by mistake, you are a GM official and you are reading this article, please, stop this now. Just sell Saab to one of the guys who know how to manage it better than you did. Why kill a brilliant car maker just because you want to? Just sign those contracts!

If you aren’t a GM official, you can still help Saab by reading this article.

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