BYD aims to be the biggest car maker in the world

BYD e6

Build Your Dreams (BYD) plans a worldwide expansion for its cars as it wants to become the world’s biggest car producer by 2025. The Chinese car firm has big ambitions, one of which is selling 800,000 cars globally in 2010.

I should first introduce the BYD brand as some of you have probably never heard of it. The car in the picture above is their latest creation. It’s simply called the e6 and it’s an electric vehicle. It was released at the recent North American International Auto Show and it has a range of 200 miles. You might say, “Wow, that’s not bad for a little-known Chinese company,” and while that may be true, you have to consider other BYD creations before forming an opinion on the brand. Take the car below for instance.


It’s called the F8 or S8 (the picture clearly shows a car with a F8 number plate but on BYD’s website it’s called the S8) and it is a shameless rip-off of the old Mercedes styling with a Megane CC rear end. As you’d expect, it comes with luxurious features like, and I quote, an “Anti-theft alloy wheel”.

As by now I suspect you’ve familiarized yourself with the brand, I shall finally talk about their ambitious expansion plan. They are currently China’s fourth largest car maker as they have produced 450,000 cars in 2009 there. Rumours say that BYD will announce, at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show, that they will export cars to Western Europe, therefore joining fellow Chinese car manufacturer, Great Wall, who also announced that they will export vehicles to Europe from 2011.

The company originally started as a battery manufacturer and supplier for Nokia in 1995 and they have launched their first ever car in 2005. The electric e6 presented at the 2010 NAIAS is going to be sold in limited numbers in the US.

Source: Autocar

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