Suzuki unveils SX4 Hybrid Concept in New Delhi

Suzuki has unveiled a hybrid concept car version of their SX4 at the New Delhi Auto Expo.

Now, we’re pretty sure it’s not going to look anything like that if it makes it into production, and Suzuki plans to put hybrid technology into production by 2015, so the more important thing is the technology. It was developed by Suzuki’s Indian division, Maruti Suzuki, with aid from India’s National Hybrid Propulsion Program and a government program called the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy Sources’ High Energy Density Battery Development Program. Yes, it really is that long.

The technology uses a 50 kW (Equivalent to about 67 hp) electric motor, hooked up to a 1.2L gasoline engine. The motor is powerful enough to power the car by itself for short distances. The car is equipped with an automated 5-speed manual transmission, and a lithium-ion battery to store the electricity, although its capacity is unknown.

My thoughts? Stop making hybrids people!

Source: Autoblog Images: IndianAutosBlog

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