Swedish government meeting with GM and Ford to discuss Saab and Volvo

The Swedish government will be holding a meeting with officials from General Motors, and later Ford, to discuss the situation with Saab and Volvo respectively. The meetings will take place sometime next week.

Representing the government will be reps from the finance and industry ministries. They will be meeting with General Motors officials at GM’s headquarters in Detroit. Then they will stop by Dearborn to have a talk with Ford.

The state secretary, Joran Hagglund, said “As we understand it, GM has not closed the door to a sale (of Saab), even if the official line is a wind-down,[…]We want to make totally sure they (GM) have all the information they need.” This probably means they’ll make sure General Motors has reviewed all options before proceeding with the wind-down. The Swedish government wouldn’t want Saab to die, as the economy will take a blow and over 3,000 workers in Sweden will lose their jobs.

As for Ford, the Swedish government is most likely going to just check on operations for the transfer of ownership to Geely.

Hopefully, the meeting with GM will help Saab survive. By the way, we’d like you to help Saab as well, head over here for more details.

Source: Reuters via Autoblog

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