Worst Car of the Year: Winner

On to the Worst Car of the Year. This has to excel in as many areas as possible…at annoying us and making everyone else sick. 2009’s pile of misery was reduced by us to just two cars. The winner however, is one of the most pointless and ugly cars we have ever seen. It is a car you would be totally ashamed to drive and you’d rather crash it before someone sees you in it. Who is the winner then? Our Worst Car of the Year is:

DC Designs Tata Nano

I would like to start by saying that we do not hate the normal Tata Nano. It’s a car and nothing more at a low price. But this one costs about as much as a Ferrari and yet it looks like a troll and it has the most ridiculous body kit ever seen. Its creators hope it will appeal to people who have interest in cars or to celebrities. Of course, they will fail because who will pay £134,000 for a Tata Nano. With its 1.6-litre engin,e ugly body kit and ridiculous price tag, this car is rubbish in every way. World class awfulness from DC Designs then.

Runner Up: Citroen C3 Pluriel Charleston

The Citroen C3 Pluriel is an ugly car. But this Charleston special edition makes it even uglier. With its blob shape and horrible two-tone paintwork, it’s certainly better to admire the landscape in the photo above. The Charleston however, tries to be worse than it is because it’s an homage to the old 2CV Charleston. That is not a noble intention so it deserves a runner-up spot as our second worst car of the year.

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