Hyundai recalling brand-new Sonata for faulty front door latches

Hyundai has issued a voluntary recall for 5,000 2011 Sonatas in the US (And 46,000 in Korea according to Inside Line). The problem is with the front door latches.

Out of the 5,000 Sonatas recalled in the US, only 1,300 are actually in customer possession. The others are on dealer lots, and Hyundai temporarily halted sales to send out replacement parts to dealers, although they claim that the sales-stop is now over.

The issue is that the front door latch may, in rare cases, not close properly. Dealers will be inspecting the latches, and replacing them if necessary. Replacement should take no more than an hour.

If you own one of these Sonatas, contact your local dealer and arrange for an inspection. I don’t think there’s much need to not drive your car or anything, just be careful with your doors until you get an inspection done.

Press Release:


FOUNTAIN VALLEY, Calif., 02/24/2010 Hyundai Motor Company will conduct a voluntary recall in the United States to inspect and, if necessary, replace the front door latches of approximately 5,000 model year 2011 Sonatas, produced December 11, 2009 – February 15, 2010.  Of this number, approximately 1,300 cars have been delivered to customers.  Hyundai Motor America will begin shipping replacement door latches to dealers today for those vehicles that require latch replacement.  Sonata vehicle sales have resumed after a short stop sale that allowed us to get the new latches to our dealers.

Hyundai is voluntarily initiating this action to ensure the safety and quality of vehicles and the continued satisfaction of our customers.  Dealers will make the repairs, which should take less than an hour, free of charge.

Hyundai Motor America, headquartered in Fountain Valley, Calif., is a subsidiary of Hyundai Motor Company of Korea.  Hyundai vehicles are distributed throughout the United States by Hyundai Motor America and are sold and serviced by almost 800 Hyundai dealerships nationwide.

Source: Hyundai and Inside Line

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  1. Antonio Cuellar says:

    So it turns out i was right, Hyundai IS the new Toyota

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