Lotus Evora racing car given first test

Lotus’ new Evora Cup race car has been given it’s first shakedown test by their new F1 driver Jarno Trulli.

The final specifications of the GT4 class car, including a Dallara designed aero package, have yet to be tested but will be unveiled at the March Geneva Motor Show.

Jarno said, “The car will continue to be developed with new updates coming soon, but even after the initial drive it is obvious that the car has huge potential.”

As well as being eligible for GT4 class GT racing, the Evora Cup will also be a one make championship, the winner of which will win “at least 100,000 euros”. Lotus are planning to make the 2011 Evora Cup a pan-European championship.

The car, which will cost £120,000 has a 4.0 V6 engine which Lotus say produces “more than 392bhp” twinned with a 6 speed sequential paddle shift gearbox. The whole car weighs less than 1200kg.

Source: Autocar

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0 thoughts on “Lotus Evora racing car given first test

  1. Christoph Pohl says:

    Did they bore out the usual 3.5, or where does the engine come from?

  2. Igor Magun says:

    The engine is the same Evora engine, but with displacement increased to 4.0L, and a dry sump oil system added.

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