Repair parts for Pontiac Vibe accelerators begin shipping, recall coming soon

The 2009-2010 Pontiac Vibe was one of the affected cars in Toyota’s second accelerator recall, due to its Toyota Matrix underpinnings. General Motors is reporting that repair parts are now coming in.

The repair is the same as it is for the Toyotas, a precision-cut steel reinforcement bar will be inserted into the accelerator assembly, reducing friction on certain parts of it and making sure it doesn’t jam.  General Motors will be notifying owners through the mail starting February 16th, and dealers will begin installing the fix February 22nd. The car is also affected by the first recall, involving floor mats. The recall was recently expanded to include the Toyota Matrix (Among other cars), and by connection, the Vibe. Owners are advised to remove their floor mats until General Motors organizes a fix for the issue.

So if you own a 2009-2010 Pontiac Vibe, contact your local dealer to arrange for the fix to be installed. Try not to drive it until it is fixed. Once the first issue is fixed, remove the floor mat until that one is fixed as well.

Source: egmCarTech

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