Alfa Romeo to reveal 4C Sports Concept at Pebble Beach

Reports suggest that Alfa Romeo will be unveiling a more affordable version of the 8C Competizione at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, called the 4C Sports Concept.

As the name suggest, the car unveiled in Pebble Beach will only be a concept, although it should make its way to production. It will have a 250 hp I4 sending power to the rear wheels. Production numbers are estimated at around 5,000, and the cost is estimated to be – wait for it – $70,000. 70 grand for a 250 hp coupe seems extremely expensive. Back when they still made them, you could pick up a 251 hp sixth generation Toyota Celica in Japan for a hell of a lot less than $70,000. It had better be made out of super exotic materials if it will cost that much.

It is also rumoured that a GTA version of the 8C will appear at Pebble Beach alongside the 4C. I’m really looking forward to that.

Source: Automobile Magazine via MotorAuthority

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