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Zagato builds one-off Alfa Romeo

Italian coach builder Zagato has revealed the one-off Alfa Romeo TZ3 Corsa at the XII Villa D’Este Concours d’Elegance. Purpose built for a German collector, this is a car is more than a design exercise, Zagato claims.

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Looking back at the past decade in motoring: Part 4

Fiat 500

Welcome to the fourth part in this series. As with the last part, we will continue looking at the whole world rather than a focus on one area, but this time we will focus more on the actual cars than the industry. We’ll be having a look at how companies have revived some classic nameplates, such as the Fiat 500 pictured above.

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Fiat Group puts Maserati, Abarth and Alfa Romeo under one CEO

Fiat Group has placed Maserati, Abarth and Alfa Romeo under the control of one CEO. Fiat Group Chief Executive, Sergio Marchionne, claims this is “to emphasize and leverage the value of the shared qualities of the three brands in terms of their sporting characteristics and performance.”

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Executive Car of the Year: Winner

New day, new category winner. It’s big executive time. Big, elegant, comfortable cars for people with loads of cash who would rather sit in the back and let someone else drive them around. Space, comfort, gadgets rank high but style and other features are not left behind. If you would think the Germans would sweep this prize away, you’d be wrong. In fact, we have an all-Italian lineup.

And the winner is:

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