Another Canadian exclusive: The Kia Forte Koup R Package

What is it that car companies love so much about Canada? Well, whatever it is, it’s fine by me. We’re getting the TT RS, the RWD X1, and now this: the Kia Forte Koup R Package.

The R Package is a performance package for the Koup, available on either the SX or EX trims. Changes from the original car include sporty front skirts, side sills and rear spoiler, plenty of R badges and 18-inch Europa wheels. However, the changes aren’t all aesthetic. To make the Forte Koup more potent in the twisty stuff, the car gets a performance exhaust, AIM drop-in performance air filter, stiffer springs and a strut tower brace. Those 18-inch wheels also get Yokohama S-Drive tires.

Customers will be able to add the package to their cars starting mid-May. If you’ve already bought a Koup, you can still get the package, as all the parts will be available to order from Kia dealerships across the country. It is unknown whether or not the package will ever be sold outside Canada.

You can see a couple of pictures in the gallery below.

Source: Autoblog

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