Volvo XC30 compact crossover on the way, 5-door C30 and S60 wagon may also be coming

Volvo is said to be working on a XC30 compact crossover to slot below the XC60.

This XC30 will reportedly use a slightly taller version of the C30 chassis, although styling will be more similar to the XC60. It will have all-wheel-drive and a range of gasoline and diesel engines, which are likely to be taken from the C30. It is due in 2012. The car will compete with the BMW X1 and the upcoming Audi Q3. Mercedes is also rumoured to be working on a car in this segment, based on the next-generation B-Class and possibly called the BLK. The XC30 will compete with this as well.

Besides this XC30, Volvo is supposedly also working on a five-door C30 because of market demand. This car may have a wagon-like appearance, and it could be sold under the V30 name. There is also a wagon variant of the S60 rumoured. This will be called the V60, and is due around the same time as the XC30.

Source: CarsGuide via Autoblog

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