Canada getting Audi TT RS and RWD BMW X1

I like living in Canada. It’s a nice country and all. Now, I have yet another reason to like it here: Canada will be getting the Audi TT RS (Albeit in limited numbers), as well as a RWD variant of the BMW X1 (Although I’m not really excited about the BMW as much as I am about the TT RS).

First off, the TT RS. This is the one which really matters to me, I’m a huge fan of the TT RS. Audi will bring 250 of them to Canada. It’s unknown if they will be in coupe or convertible form (Or maybe even both). That doesn’t matter to me though, both are fantastic. Just a shame that it’ll almost certainly be out of my price range.

Now the X1. In the US, it will only come with AWD. However, in Canada, we’ll be able to get it with rear-wheel-drive. I really don’t understand why America won’t be getting this option too. Oh well, I never liked the X1, so this doesn’t really matter to me.

Source: Monvolant (translated) via Autoblog

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