Honda may discontinue the Ridgeline

Honda may be discontinuing the Ridgeline after the 2011 model year due to poor sales.

“There will be a model-year 2011 Honda Ridgeline but we haven’t announced anything beyond that,” Honda spokeswoman Christina Ra said.

The truck isn’t exactly bad. It was revolutionary at the time of the launch, being one of the few unibody pickups ever sold in the US, winning it several truck of the year awards. It has AWD, a decent 3.5L V6, and rides and drives almost like a car. However, not only is its market segment falling in sales, but its American rivals are generally favoured. Its best sales year was the same year it launched, 2006, and sales have steadily fallen ever since. This may mean that the Ridgeline’s death is approaching.

“It’s a very nice concept, a very nice car. But the sales aren’t so successful,” executive vice president Koichi Kondo said back in 2008.

Source: AutoWeek

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