Mazda RX-8 not returning to Europe for model year 2011 due to emissions standards

Auto Motor und Sport is reporting that the Mazda RX-8 will not return to Europe for model year 2011 because the engine doesn’t pass Euro-5 emission standards.

Costs to make the engine comply to these standards would be too high according to Mazda, and the Wankel simply can’t adapt quickly enough to adhere to the standards.

This means Europe won’t be seeing a Mazda rotary engine until at least 2013, when a RX-8 replacement is planned, which could even be offered in hydrogen-powered form. By then, the car will have to prepare for 2014’s Euro-6 standards, although the hydrogen variant certainly won’t have problems with that.

Source: Auto Motor und Sport (translated) via TTAC via Autoblog

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