Toyota to test all SUVs for safety issues, fix for Lexus GX 460 may soon be ready

Toyota will be running safety tests on all their SUVs following Consumer Reports‘ findings on the Lexus GX 460. Also, Japanese news outlet Nikkei reports that Toyota may already have a fix for the issue, and it will soon be released.

Toyota is running tests on all SUVs to ease any concerns drivers might have, although I’m certain any issues would’ve been discovered by now.

As for the car which started it all, the GX 460, Toyota may already have a fix ready to go. The fix will involve modifying the electronic stability control and other parts of the vehicle, although no specifics are revealed. Nikkei has said that if the previously mentioned tests on other cars show that defects exist on models other than the GX, then similar measures will be taken as a remedy.

Also, The Detroit News reports that the NHTSA is now looking into this issue, meaning that the 5,400 GX 460s in the US may undergo a recall, although Toyota has not expressed any intentions to run one. The NHTSA will be investigating Consumer Reports‘ GX to see if the car meets federal safety standards.

Toyota is handling this situation much better (and quicker) than we’ve seen in the past. I guess they’ve learned their lesson from all those recalls.

Source: AutoWeek, Nikkei – sub. req. via TTAC via Autoblog, and The Detroit News via Autoblog

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