Luxgen unveils “hi-tech” SUV

Luxgen, a company almost no one’s ever heard of, has unveiled a supposedly high-tech SUV, unimaginatively named the Luxgen7 SUV.

The high-tech claims are backed up with a wide range of technology, including an infotainment system called Think+, 360 degree surveillance (Eagle View+), blind spot monitoring (Side View+), a lane departure warning system (LDWS+) and a night vision enhancement system (Night vision+). Not much is said about the night vision system, but presumably it’s similar to the infrared system used on the Mercedes S-Class.

The Luxgen7 SUV is also the largest car in its segment, with dimensions of 4800mm x 1930mm x 1760mm. This huge body is moved along by an unspecified engine, connected to a 5-speed automatic transmission with 10-modes, which then transfers power to a 3-mode four-wheel-drive system.

One of the more interesting features on this car is the anti-theft system. When you press a button on the driver’s seat for three seconds before locking your car, the seat will slide forward and lean against the steering wheel.

More info can be found in Luxgen’s press release below.

Press Release

LUXGEN unveils world’s first Hi-Tech LSUV


● Largest exterior dimensions (4800mm x 1930mm x 1760mm) in its segment.

● Intelligent powered tailgate and exclusive anti-theft sport seat as standard equipment.

● Four visual assistance systems supported by a powerful “Think+” onboard computer.

Taiwan’s first passenger automobile brand LUXGEN is steaming ahead with the launch of its second model the LUXGEN7 SUV. After the unprecedented success of its debut model, the LUXGEN7 MPV, which received comprehensive media coverage during the world debut at the Dubai motor show, achieved phenomenal sales volume which surpassing the sales volume of the entire Hyundai brand in Taiwan and became the first automobile ever to win the prestigious Taiwan Excellence Award, LUXGEN has poured everything it stands for to create the next new LUXGEN model—the LUXGEN7 SUV.

The LUXGEN7 SUV represents a milestone in vehicle design. The distinctive wing-shaped chrome nose trim and cascading grille express both power and confidence; meanwhile, its coupe-like profile and upward sweeping beltlines conveys a sense of dynamic motion as well. Measuring at 4.8 meters long, 1.93 meters wide and 1.76 meters in height, the LUXGEN7 SUV is also among the largest in its segment while maintaining an elegant and svelte proportions.

In order to offer an impressively solid body structure, the LUXGEN7 SUV adopts the Multi-H floor structure and HRSS High Rigidity Safety Structure to achieve a flat and spacious interior floor and excellent level of impact-resistance characteristics.  For the powertrain, the LUXGEN7 SUV comes equipped with an intelligent 10-mode, 5-speed automatic transmission with manual shifting function co-developed by world’s famous automotive transmission manufacturer Aisin for responsiveness, efficiency and driving enjoyment. LUXGEN7 SUV’s intelligent 3-mode 4WD system can actively divide engine torque between the front and rear axles based on the road condition and driver input.

In order to facilitate the cargo access, the LUXGEN7 SUV is the only vehicle in its segment to be equipped with the intelligent power actuated tailgate as standard equipment.  The intelligent power tailgate can be configured to open partially in order to prevent collision when parked in confined spaces such as an underground parking lot.

The LUXGEN-exclusive anti-theft sport seat is another standard equipment to demonstrate LUXGEN’s attentive consideration for its owners. When drivers press the button on the anti-theft seat for three seconds before locking up the doors with the remote control, the anti-theft system will activate by sliding itself forward and leaning against the steering wheel to deny unauthorized access of the vehicle.

In terms of the interior design, the LUXGEN7 SUV uses the premium leather seat with airline first class style surrounding head restraints together with the available heating, ventilation, electronic massage and lumber support adjustment functions to ensure upmost comfort anytime. In addition, the Hi-end Clarion audio system and JBL speakers provide premium sound quality and surreal vocal reproduction to music lovers.

In the LUXGEN7 SUV, safety is the utmost priority. Standard safety equipments includes dual front SRS airbags, ABS Antilock Braking System, BAS Braking Assistance System, EBD Electronic Brake Distribution system; furthermore, dual side protection airbags, dual side curtain airbags, ESC Electronic Stability Control, TCS Traction Control System are also available options.

The Think+ onboard computer system which offers video and audio entertainment, telecommunication, GPS navigation, personal safety, owner exclusive and system settings functions are complemented with four advanced visual assistance systems including Eagle View+ (a 360 degree surveillance system), Side View+ (Blind Spot Monitoring System), LDWS+ (Lane Departure Warning System) and Night vision+ (high sensitivity night vision enhancement system) offering unparalleled functionality.

The LUXGEN7 SUV is available in five trim levels at prices ranging from NTD 838,000 to NTD 1,148,000.

Source: Luxgen and Autoblog

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