Small Canadian car company De Macross reveals first pictures and details on their GT1

A small Canadian car company called De Macross has revealed the first pictures and details on a car they call the GT1.

The car currently pictured is a 25% scale model of the actual GT1, as the car is still in development, albeit in the later stages. De Macross is developing it in conjunction with component manufacturer Multimatic, and a large portion of the funding for the project comes from Korean businessman Jahong Hur.

Unlike most small car firms, De Macross will not be using a GM V8. Instead, they’ve gotten a supercharged 5.4L V8 from Roush. Combine that with a lightweight chassis made of carbon fibre and aluminum, and you’ve got a recipe for a pretty quick car. De Macross claims it will have performance and pricing matching the likes of the Pagani Zonda.

Multimatic’s know-how from making Formula 1 dampers has gone into the suspension. An inboard Multimatic Dynamic Suspension Spooling Valve is claimed to have “a novel active ride height control system.”

The first full-scale prototype is set to be created in November, with sales beginning some time in 2011. A maximum of 200 cars will be built. However, will it ever become a reality, or is it just another one of those “man-in-a-shed” projects which never come to fruition? Well, De Macross would like to think that it will be a success. In fact, they’re planning a family of three other models aimed at the likes of Aston Martin, Maserati, and Porsche. Let’s hope this goes well.

Source: CAR Magazine

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