Mazda2 receives a facelift, to make live debut in Paris alongside new diesel-engine equipped Mazda3 and Mazda5

The Mazda2 has received a facelift, and will be making its live debut at the Paris Motor Show, alongside the 1.6L diesel-engine equipped Mazda3 and Mazda5.

The facelift includes a new front-end, with Mazda’s “family face”, an upgraded interior, upgraded chassis for better ride comfort, and the option of an automatic transmission. Also, the powertrain line-up has been upgraded. However, we’re not told exactly how.

The Mazda3 will debut its updated 1.6L MZ-CD diesel engine variant alongside the facelifted Mazda2, while the new Mazda5 will be shown with a 1.6L diesel as well. In the Mazda5, the engine will put out 113 hp, and claims to emit 15% less CO2 emissions than the Mazda5’s last 2.0L diesel engine. It will be hooked up to a lightweight 6-speed manual transmission.

In the 3 meanwhile, the 1.6L gets a 6 hp boost, and a claimed 12% more torque. It will also be fitted to Mazda’s lightweight 6-speed manual.

More details will most likely be revealed during the Paris Motor Show. We’ll be on the look out.

Press Release

Facelifted Mazda2 to premiere at Paris Motor Show

Leverkusen, 23 August 2010 At this year’s Paris Motor Show, Mazda’s focus is on low fuel consumption and reduced emissions.

Mazda’s lightweight, Mazda2 – World Car of  the year 2008 – has received a facelift and celebrates its European premiere at Paris with the following key changes:

  • New front end features Mazda’s unique family face and upgraded interior
  • Upgraded Euro V powertrain line-up
  • Upgraded chassis for even better ride comfort
  • Automatic transmission version introduced

Joining the facelifted Mazda2 will be the all-new Mazda5 premiering with a new economical MZ-CD 1.6 diesel engine. The Mazda5 people carrier is especially economic and family-friendly and offers:

  • A frugal and powerful 1.6-litre diesel engine (5.2 l/100km, 115 PS)
  • – 15% CO2 emissions in comparison to previous 2.0-litre diesel
  • New lightweight 6-gear manual transmission
  • An eye-catching design that sets it apart in the C-MAV segment
  • Enhanced Karakuri interior flexibility for up to seven people plus sliding rear doors

The new Mazda3 with an upgraded MZ-CD 1.6 diesel engine will also be introduced. Offering more power and torque, while lowering fuel economy and emissions, the new version features:

  • + 6 PS more maximum power,
  • + 12% higher maximum torque,
  • 4.4 l/100km and 117g/km CO2
  • New lightweight 6-gear manual transmission

Source: Mazda

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