Gogogear Racing Genesis Coupe previewed ahead of SEMA debut

The Gogogear Racing Genesis Coupe, a Hyundai Genesis Coupe prepared for racing, has been previewed ahead of its SEMA debut.

The 3.8L V6 has been tuned to put out 330 hp and 280 lb-ft of torque, and systems have been put in place to ensure it receives proper lubrication under the expected 1.4 Gs of cornering forces. The suspension has also been revamped using ARK Performance parts, a racing clutch has been fitted to the six-speed manual,  and upgraded brakes, wheels, and tires have been installed on all four corners. Moreover, the battery was repositioned to the rear for better weight distribution and then replaced with a unit from Optima Batteries for improved reliability.

Visually, the car has gotten an APR rear wing and ARK Performance body kit. These aren’t just for show though, as they contribute to better aerodynamics. You might also notice a carbon fibre roof, replacing the standard steel roof to reduce weight and lower the centre of gravity. The whole package will be painted in Gogogear livery.

On the interior, everything will be stripped out in true race car fashion. Replacing it will be Sparco race seats and seat belts, a full roll cage, fire suppression system and two-way radio, as well as a data logger displaying critical information and lap times, in addition to a display with secondary engine parameters.

The resulting car will be ran in the 2011 US Touring Car Championship. It may also run at Time Attack events and endurance races.

Press Release


Fountain Valley, Calif., 10/19/2010To showcase the power, speed and tunability of the Genesis Coupe, Hyundai has teamed up with Gogogear Racing to develop a high performance racing competitor that will be unveiled at the 2010 SEMA Show. The Gogogear Racing Genesis Coupe emphasizes racing reliability and high-end performance capabilities. Additionally, the bright yellow paint scheme was designed in conjunction with Hyundai’s California Design Center.

“The Genesis Coupe is designed to convey that Hyundai can not only match the best from Asia, Europe and America, but beat them,” said Ali Arsham, owner, Gogogear Racing.  “With its potent V6 engine and rear drive chassis, the Genesis Coupe has the ability to beat the current top guns that feature turbocharged four-cylinder engines and front wheel drive. It has ample power, terrific handling, and great reliability that become even more potent with the modifications we’ve planned.”

Gogogear Racing plans to show off the performance capabilities of its modified Genesis Coupe car in the U.S. Touring Car Championships in 2011 which is sanctioned by the premiere auto racing sanctioning body in the U.S., the National Auto Sport Association. The car also has the potential to run at selected events including Time Attack and endurance races.

Modifications to the Genesis Coupe will prepare the performance vehicle for the track.  Mechanical adjustments to the engine aim to produce 330 horsepower and 280 lb. ft. of torque by adding an AEM air intake, Magnaflow exhaust system and ARK Performance headers. A Moroso accumulator will ensure proper lubrication of the engine under the expected 1.4 Gs of cornering loads. Earl’s fittings, lines and oil cooler ensure a steady flow of oil to the 3.8 liter V6 under all conditions. The Gogogear Racing Genesis Coupe will also feature Ground Control suspension tuning with ARK Performance shocks, springs, coilovers and QA1 bearings. A light weight Spec racing clutch will increase reliability and help with quick and direct shifts of the stock close ratio six-speed manual transmission. At each corner, StopTech brakes, Hawk racing pads, Konig lightweight wheels and BF Goodrich R1 street legal race tires with aluminum light weight Gorilla lugs and H&R spacers will ensure proper grip with the road. “The BF Goodrich R1 tires are a key ingredient towards achieving the 1.4 Gs of cornering force that we are aiming for,” said Arsham. Additionally, an Optima Battery was installed to ensure reliable starting and electrical power and was relocated to the rear with the help of a Taylor Vertex kit for improved weight balance.

On the exterior, Gogogear Racing will increase the aerodynamics of the vehicle by adding an APR rear wing and an ARK Performance body kit. To lighten the car and to lower the center of gravity, a carbon fiber roof replaces the original steel roof. The exterior will be treated to a set of eye-catching, custom Gogogear.com graphics using Oracal products.

Inside, the Genesis Coupe will be gutted and include Sparco race seats and seat belts, a full custom Metric Motorsports roll cage, a SPA Techniques fire suppression system and a two-way radio to further ready the car for its racing debut. A RacePak IQ3 data logger dash supplies critical information and lap times to the driver. A Linear Logic Scan Gauge II further notifies the driver of secondary engine parameters. The interior will be treated to Dupli Color’s Daytona Yellow paint job to match the exterior. All work on the car by the Gogogear Racing members will be carried out using Ironclad Performance wear and gloves.

Fans can follow the progress of the U.S. Touring Car Championship Hyundai by visiting www.facebook.com/gogogear.

Source: Hyundai

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