GT2 variant of Ferrari 458 Italia caught testing at Fiorano

The GT2 racing variant of Ferrari’s 458 Italia has been caught testing at the company’s Fiorano test track.

The Ferrari 458 GT2 is said to have 470 hp once fitted with ACO-mandated restrictors. That’s 100 horsepower less than the street version, all thanks to regulations. However, considering the success of the F430 GT2 it will succeed, it should still be very quick. A six-speed paddle shifter gearbox will transfer that power to the driving wheels.

Other changes include completely revamped aerodynamics, which I think make the car look rather ungainly, and 18-inch wheels. The GT2 is lighter than the production version, weighing 1245 kg, but heavier than the F430 GT2.

Source: Axis of Oversteer

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