New Lancia Stratos to spawn GT2 racing variant

A GT2 racing variant of the new Lancia Stratos is in the works.

While the picture you see above may look quite real, it’s actually a 1/8 model car made by Amalgam. However, this model actually represents an initial design of the Stratos GT2, and the final car could look very similar.

The car is being designed together with Danisi Engineering, a Turin-based engineering firm founded in 1995. They are a very well respected company, and work on both road and race engineering. Previous projects include a rally version of the Fiat Punto, and several collaborations with Pininfarina.

Based on the model car, changes from the road car include a lowered stance, improvements in cooling and downforce, such as the rear wing, and a quick release fuel filler cap.

Most of us won’t be able to get our hands on the road car, let alone this racing special, but the model car is that little bit more attainable. However, it’s still quite expensive, with a $4700 price tag, and the limited run of 199 units isn’t very helpful either.

Source: Amalgam via Italiaspeed

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