Tata offering four-year warranty on the Nano

Tata will be offering a four-year warranty on the Nano, available to existing customers as well as new ones.

The warranty may have been prompted by recent safety concerns, with at least seven cases of Nanos catching fire having been reported. This also resulted in the release of a safety upgrade to prevent future fires, although Tata says the fires are caused by the installation of foreign electrical equipment or the presence of foreign material on the exhaust system.

However, sales may also be involved in this decision. The Tata Nano is reporting catastrophically low sales figures, with just 509 sold in November, despite a booming Indian automotive market.

Source: Automotive News – sub. req.


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One thought on “Tata offering four-year warranty on the Nano

  1. manu says:

    Hey Guys,how abt getting a car @ minimal cost almost free…….maintainence???
    Never heard it before right?
    This is what Tata Nano brings for you……….a 4 yr warranty on all Nano cars……
    get ur Dimples.broaden on just a click away……..


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