BMW continues M3’s 25th anniversary celebrations with Matte Edition for China

BMW has launched yet another special edition M3, dubbed the Matte Edition, as part of the car’s 25th anniversary celebrations.

The M3 has been a smashing success for BMW over the last 25 years, and so BMW has been doing quite a bit of celebrating. Other special editions launched for the 25th anniversary include the Frozen Gray edition for the US, and the Tiger edition for China.

The Matte Edition, as the name suggests, is treated to a matte paint job, with customers given a choice of matte grey or black. Other changes include chrome black air inlets and exhaust pipes, 19-inch glossy alloy wheels, red brake calipers, and red stitching for the seats and door armrests, as well as some carbon fibre trim.

If you like the sound of that, then unfortunately, the car is limited to the Chinese market, with all 250 units already sold.

Press Release (Translated from Chinese by Google Translate)

BMW M3 Coupe scrub limited edition on sale in China

* 27.03.2011
* Press Release

2010, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the birth of the legendary model M3, the BMW Group were introduced in markets around the world commemorate the M3 cars. In mid-June, the U.S. has created in 12 minutes 30 M3 version of the gray matte finish of the hot-selling book on record. The end of August, the Chinese market listing 30 M3 25 Anniversary Limited Edition model – Tiger Edition also became an instant sold out. Then staged in the country “BMW M Experience Day Legend” is aroused more extraordinary BMW M enthusiasts of sports car driving passion and unique culture, love, personalized version of the more urgent the demand for M3, BMW decided to introduce the Chinese firm Matte Edition models.

Compared with the normal M3, M3 Matte version of the appearance of the bright spots are obvious. Body color with matte gray or matte version version of black metal paint spraying, in the ordinary metallic paint over the primer coating by adding a special BMW ColorSystem silky matte clear coat. Production process due to sophisticated, matte version of the daily output can only be single digits. Body diffuse out in the sun a low-key luxury gloss, highlights the M3 Coupé athletes like tight, strong contour. Upgrade 19 “black high-gloss alloy wheels extremely light weight. Black chrome side air intakes and exhaust pipes and vehicle color texture of harmony. Red brake calipers in the car is moving the process but also demonstrates the movement of its DNA.

Interior M fans also will not disappoint. M3 Coupe M3 Matte Edition adds general do not have the appearance of the black carbon fiber leather, front and rear seat edge, door armrests are decorated with red stitching. Strong color contrast of the visual impact, I believe M fans can bring the greatest degree of movement experience.

In power, BMW M3 Coupé scrub naturally aspirated V8 version with high-speed engine, typical of BMW M tradition of high-speed engine concept, the development of a direct reference Formula One technology and experience. 3,999 cc engine displacement, the engine speed is 8,300 rev / time-sharing maximum output power of 309 kilowatts / 420 horsepower; in the engine speed is 3,900 rev / time-sharing to achieve maximum torque of 400 Newton meters. Hundred kilometers in just 4.6 seconds. Transmission system is designed for high-speed power unit developed Drivelogic 7-speed dual clutch transmission, shift more direct, precise, power output without the slightest delay and disruption.

BMW M3 Matte version of the EDC damping control system, able to provide the best personalized vehicle suspension tuned into sports, normal and comfortable three models, which model called the unique selling point. BMW M3 Coupe frosted version of high-strength lightweight structure, lightweight suspension as a supplement, vehicles equipped with power steering can be adjusted according to the speed Servotronic power steering, ventilated brake discs all-high-performance system dynamic systems and the latest generation of Dynamic Stability Control (DSC). Those who love sport driving style can also be M Drive system and electronic damping control (EDC), personalized settings for dynamic driving control parameters.

Family in the BMW M, M3 bright star is well deserved. BMW M3 is more than just a car, it is a brand of faith, honor and development process in miniature. BMW M3 first came in 1985, after four generations of innovation, two-door coupe, convertible coupe, sedan, GTR and other models followed. Performance data with each passing day, the only constant is 25 years, BMW M3 on the relentless pursuit of excellence. BMW M3 is recognized in any case able to express and impart enthusiasm for the ideal high-performance cars, is to emphasize the unique philosophy of the letter M the perfect expression.

Press Release (Chinese original)

BMW M3双门轿跑车磨砂版中国限量开售

  • 27.03.2011
  • 新闻稿

2010年,为庆祝传奇车型M3诞生25周年,宝马集团在全球各地市场分别推出了M3纪念车款。6月中旬,美国市场创造了在12分钟内30台M3磨砂版灰色预订完毕的热销纪录。8月底,中国市场上市的30台M3 25周年限量珍藏版车型——Tiger Edition也瞬即售罄。随后在全国上演的“BMW M 传奇体验日”更是激起更多BMW爱好者对M非凡驾驶激情和独特跑车文化的喜爱,对个性版M3的需求也更加迫切,宝马中国果断决定引进磨砂版车型。

与普通M3相比,M3磨砂版的外观亮点显而易见。车身颜色采用磨砂版灰色或磨砂版黑色金属漆喷涂,在普通金属漆底涂层之上加入了一种特殊BMW ColorSystem丝滑亚光透明涂层。因制作工艺精密复杂,磨砂版每天的产量只能是个位数。车身在阳光下漫反射出一种低调的奢华光泽,更加凸显出M3 双门轿跑车运动健将般紧实、强劲的轮廓曲线。升级的19“黑色高光轻质合金轮毂极具分量。黑色镀铬侧面进气口和排气尾管与整车色调质感和谐一致。红色刹车 卡钳在汽车行进过程当中更彰显了它的运动DNA。


在动力方面,BMW M3双门轿跑车磨砂版采用V8自然吸气高转速发动机,传承BMW M典型的高速发动机概念,其开发直接借鉴一级方程式赛车的技术与经验。发动机排量3,999毫升,在发动机转速为8,300转/分时最大输出功率达309 千瓦/420马力;在发动机转速为3,900转/分时实现最大扭矩400牛顿米。百公里加速仅需4.6秒。传动系统为专为高转速动力单元开发的7速 Drivelogic双离合变速箱,换挡更直接、精准,动力输出没有丝毫迟滞和中断。

BMW M3磨砂版的EDC减震控制系统,能够为汽车提供最优个性化悬挂调校,分为运动、普通和舒适三种模式,堪称该款车型的独特卖点。BMW M3双门轿跑车磨砂版采用高强度的轻量化结构,作为轻质悬架的补充,车辆配备了转向助力可根据车速调整的Servotronic助力转向系统,采用全通风 式制动盘的高性能制动系统和最新一代的动态稳定控制系统(DSC)。酷爱运动风格的驾驶者还可以通过M Drive和电子减震控制系统(EDC),个性化设置动态驾驶控制参数。

在BMW M家族中,M3是当之无愧的璀璨之星。BMW M3已不仅仅是一辆汽车,更是一个品牌的信念、荣誉和发展历程的缩影。第一代BMW M3于1985年问世,历经四代革新,双门轿跑车、敞篷轿跑车、轿车、GTR等车型接踵而至。性能数据日新月异,唯一不变的是25年来BMW M3对卓越品质的不懈追求。BMW M3被公认为是在任何情况下都能表达和传递高性能热情的最理想汽车,是强调字母M的独特哲学的完美表达。

Source: BMW and MotorAuthority

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