Holden Commodore-based sedan reportedly approved for the US, Ute and wagon under consideration

A rear-wheel-drive sedan based on the Holden Commodore has reportedly been approved for the US market, with Ute and wagon variants under consideration.

The Commodore’s Zeta platform underpinned the Pontiac G8 not so long ago, but when Pontiac died, so did the G8. However, the G8 received quite a lot of positive attention, and many of us have been asking for the return of the Zeta platform, with rumours constantly swarming around that it could make a comeback.

While this still isn’t official word, reports now suggest that a Zeta-based sedan has been given the green light under the project code Z2SC.  We wouldn’t be surprised to see it wear the Chevrolet Caprice moniker currently used by GM’s Zeta-based police cruiser. The car should launch in 2013 as a 2014 model year vehicle, and the police variant is reportedly set to receive an overhaul around the same time.

Ute and wagon variants of the car are said to be under consideration as well, under the project codes Z2RC and Z2WC respectively. If these get the green light, the Ute would launch alongside the sedan, while the wagon would be released later that year.

This certainly all sounds interesting, but GM has done a fair bit of backpedaling on Zeta plans for North America in the past, and we’ll only believe it once we see it.

Source: GM Inside News

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