BMW releases teaser video for the 2012 M5

BMW has released a teaser video for their next-generation 2012 M5 sports sedan.

The M5 has always been known as the king of the hill in its segment, so BMW should be working pretty hard on this car to maintain that status. While we can’t tell what the Germans in the video are saying, the car looks and sounds promising. A twin-turbo 5.5L V8 is expected under the hood, and unfortunately, rumours suggest that BMW may not offer a manual transmission with this car. However, this is just a rumour, and we’re hoping that BMW proves it wrong. Have a look at the car for yourself in the video below.

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One thought on “BMW releases teaser video for the 2012 M5

  1. Cobbs says:

    Nice stuff, Which is presented on the post, I have read all the post and i found BMW is the greatest car ever this new model M5 now out there in market. I think to purchase it.

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