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What is the best car BMW has ever made?

BMW has been receiving some much-deserved scoffing from the enthusiast community in recent years. Just look at the abominations in their lineup today – the 5 Series GT and the X6 for instance. They’ve become obsessed with filling every market niche they can think of. But nevertheless, they have made some good cars. So that got me thinking – what’s the best car BMW has ever produced?

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The plea for more diesel cars in North America

Fuel-efficient hoonage is a future I can agree with!

From the few Europeans that I’ve met, it seems that everyone and their mother has at some point owned a diesel automobile on the other side of the pond. Here in North America, however, we appear to have some sort of dieselphobia, with very little diesel cars on offer at all up until recently. But there are some very good reasons for us to shake that fear and demand more diesels from the manufacturers.

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