Renault 5/Le Car revival under consideration

Renault is said to be considering a revival of the R5/Le Car supermini to compete in the increasingly popular premium supermini market.

This new R5 will have a modern-looking design, but with cues from the original, such as rectangular headlamps, a slim front grille, impact-absorbing bumpers, and vertical taillights. It will also have a variety of optional extras and personalization products to increase its appeal and profitability. The car’s underpinnings will be sourced from the Renault Clio.

However, plans for this new R5 are still at a very early stage, and approval is uncertain. Even if it is approved, the car is unlikely to appear any earlier than 2014, and most likely will not make it to North America.

Source: Inside Line |Image: M.  G.  pics / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

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