Front-wheel-drive BMW 1 Series reportedly set for Paris debut

Front-wheel-drive. The work of Satan, according to many enthusiasts. Even BMW has expressed displeasure against the drivetrain layout in the past, going as far as mocking the competition for using it. But now, if reports are to be believed, BMW is giving into the pressures of the modern automotive industry with a FWD version of the 1 Series.

The car will use a platform also set for use throughout the Mini range in the future, code name UKL for ‘unter klasse’ (German for ‘entry level’). As the name suggests, this will be an entry-level BMW, likely called the 1 Series GT. Power will come from a 3-cylinder, 1.5L turbo gasoline engine, also set for use in the next generation of Minis.

While enthusiasts, including myself, are more enraged than ever at BMW abandoning their performance car roots, there is potential here for BMW to make money. After all, a shocking eighty percent of current 1 Series owners already thought their car was front-wheel-drive. And with front-wheel-drive’s cheaper production costs, the hot seller could become a very profitable venture.

Source: Autocar

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