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Front-wheel-drive BMW 1 Series reportedly set for Paris debut

Front-wheel-drive. The work of Satan, according to many enthusiasts. Even BMW has expressed displeasure against the drivetrain layout in the past, going as far as mocking the competition for using it. But now, if reports are to be believed, BMW is giving into the pressures of the modern automotive industry with a FWD version of the 1 Series.

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Talking Mini? No thanks

Back in the 80’s, car companies started fitting their cars with voice synthesizers. I wasn’t born back then but I can only imagine it made travels very long and at the end of them you probably wanted to harm yourself. Mini is trying to revive that.

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Looking back at the past decade in motoring: Part 4

Fiat 500

Welcome to the fourth part in this series. As with the last part, we will continue looking at the whole world rather than a focus on one area, but this time we will focus more on the actual cars than the industry. We’ll be having a look at how companies have revived some classic nameplates, such as the Fiat 500 pictured above.

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Mini goes Maxi with new Countryman

Mini have updated their current car lineup with the new Countryman, a car which promises to be quite good off the road as well. It will go on sale in September in the UK with an estimated price tag of £17,000.

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