Last 900 Saabs to be auctioned off by Ally Financial

Ever since Saab went bankrupt again last year, many brand-new cars built by them have remained untouched at various shipping ports. But now, Ally Financial has seized these last 900 cars due to Saab’s inability to pay towards an outstanding loan, and will be auctioning them off next week.

300 of these Saabs will be auctioned off to US dealerships, starting with 45 cars on June 28th. These cars could be a great opportunity to purchase a brand-new car for a significantly reduced price, up to 50% in fact.

The other 600 will be available to rental car companies and car exporters, in 6 lots of 100 each, so these won’t be available for sale in the US. They may, however, appear in the future on the used car market.

67 company cars from Saab North America are also set to be auctioned off, starting June 27th. These include some interesting cars from the Heritage Collection, such as a 1970 Saab Sonett III.

A full list of the Saab possessions which Ally plans to auction off may be found here (pdf).

Source: SaabWorld

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