Porsche Exclusive releases Powerkit, aerodynamic enhancements for 911 Carrera S

When the latest Porsche 911 was released, no one could really say it was slow. But nevertheless, we all began to eagerly await the faster, more powerful models, like the Turbo or the GT3. So while we wait for the top-end of the latest 911 range to be revealed, Porsche Exclusive has decided to whet our appetites with a Powerkit and new exterior components for the Carrera S.

The Powerkit will increase the 3.8L engine’s power output from 400 horsepower to 430, allowing it to get from a standstill to 60 mph in just 3.8 seconds, when equipped with the PDK gearbox in Sport Plus mode. Top speed has also been bumped up to 191 mph. Despite this, Porsche claims that fuel consumption has remained the same. You’ll be able to distinguish Powerkit-equipped cars through a titanium-coloured engine cover with carbon inlays.

But if you’re looking for some proper visual changes, Porsche Exclusive will also offer aerodynamic enhancements for the car. These include a new front apron with additional air intakes, and a ducktail rear spoiler. You can also now order the Aerokit Cup, which comes with a new front spoiler lip with added air intakes, and a fixed rear wing over the standard rear spoiler.

You can have a look at some of these upgrades in the gallery below.

Press Release

More power for the 911 Carrera S and new aerodynamic enhancements

Atlanta. Porsche Exclusive has announced a new power enhancement kit developed for the 2013 911 Carrera S. Focusing specifically on the dynamic properties of the new, seventh-generation sports car, the new Powerkit boosts the power of the 3.8-liter boxer engine from 400 hp to 430 hp. When equipped with the Powerkit, the 911 Carrera S Coupe needs only 3.8 seconds to sprint from zero to 60 mph with PDK in Sport Plus mode. Maximum top-track-speed has also increased by three mph to 191. However, the enhanced power has not affected fuel economy: fuel consumption values in the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC) are unchanged despite the seven per cent power increase. The Powerkit will be available beginning in the early fall of 2012 in the U.S. and E.P.A. figures are TBD.

Newly designed cylinder heads and camshaft profiles offer better engine breathing and along with modifications to the electronic engine management system are responsible for the power increase. The Powerkit also features a new variable resonance intake system design with six air flaps and an additional resonance flap. An additional center radiator, unique sports exhaust system and the Sport Chrono package with dynamic engine mounts round out the performance changes. A titanium colored engine cover with carbon inlays provides a visual Powerkit highlight.

Porsche Exclusive has also announced aerodynamically tuned exterior components for varying levels of customization.

A new front apron now extends lower and features the open air intakes from the Sport Design package. A fixed rear “ducktail” spoiler is also available. The top upgrade is the Aerokit Cup with an additional fixed rear wing over the standard rear spoiler and comes with a special front spoiler lip with additional air intakes. Other new Porsche Exclusive products for the 911 Carrera include tinted privacy glass for the side and rear windows (not available in the U.S.) and the Exterior package with various components in body color. Porsche Exclusive also offers numerous interior upgrades such as packages with decorative trim ranging from brushed aluminum to carbon.

Source: Porsche

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