General Motors’ Mark Reuss mulling more diesels for their North American lineup

Mark ReussIt seems that my plea for diesels in North America was very well-timed. Since then, we’ve seen the rollout of several new diesels at the LA Auto Show, and now this – Mark Reuss, President of General Motors North America, says he is in favour of more diesels for the lineup, with one already confirmed and one being considered for next year.

During the launch of the all-new GMC Sierra and Chevrolet Silverado yesterday, Reuss said, “There is, fundamentally, a place for diesel here.” Although the heavy-duty models have always been offered with a diesel for the extra torque, Reuss suggested that the light-duty models may be getting an oil-burner as well, saying that there will be “more to come” when asked about powertrain options. We’ve also known for some time that the Chevrolet Cruze is going to receive a modified version of the diesel engine offered in Europe next year.

With fuel economy regulations becoming stricter every year, the advantage of diesels is becoming very difficult to ignore, and a steady stream of good marketing has been changing the view of North American consumers on the engines as well. But customers will have to pay a premium to cover the costs of diesel technology, and there is some concern within GM that the premium could turn them away. But the manufacturers currently offering diesels seem to be succeeding despite the costs – more than one in five VW Passats sold in the US are a diesel, even though the low-end diesel costs over $2000 more than an equivalent gasoline model. As a result, we could see the diesel go genuinely mainstream within just a few years. Our prayers have finally been answered!

Source: The Detroit Bureau

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  1. Theodore D. Cook says:

    In mid-December I sent a letter to Mark L. Reuss explaining a problem regarding a part for my 2013 GMC pick-up truck. Today, January 15th, I am still waiting for an explanation to the problem presented in that letter. Please respond. Thank You. Theodore (Ted) Cook

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