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BMW makes art with M5 “Bullet” commercial

Most of the time, commercials are the annoying break between parts of our favourite TV shows, which we use to run to the bathroom. But BMW has created a genuinely beautiful commercial dubbed “Bullet” for the M5. You can see it after the jump.

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Lexus’ marketing department fails at Photoshop

Either Lexus’ marketing department needs to go back to school, or we’re soon going to get a spontaneous powerslide recall for the Lexus IS.

Hint for those who don’t get it: How many cars do you know which powerslide without a driver?

Source: (May be removed by now) via TheCarLounge via Jalopnik

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Samuel L. Jackson Pontiac voiceover

Celebrity Samuel L. Jackson once did some voiceovers for commercials of the 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix. Autoblog has managed to dig out an outtake from one of the commercials.

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