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Lexus’ marketing department fails at Photoshop

Either Lexus’ marketing department needs to go back to school, or we’re soon going to get a spontaneous powerslide recall for the Lexus IS.

Hint for those who don’t get it: How many cars do you know which powerslide without a driver?

Source: Lexus.ca (May be removed by now) via TheCarLounge via Jalopnik

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Next-generation Lexus IS may get wagon variant, hybrid-only drivetrain options

From 2001 to 2005, Lexus offered the IS in a wagon variant, called SportCross. Sadly, the following generation didn’t inherit this variant. However, Autocar reports that the next generation IS will be offered in a wagon variant.

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Lexus releases IS350C F-Sport Special Edition

Lexus has released the IS350C F-Sport Special Edition. It’s essentially an IS350C with plenty of F-Sport accessories and a few extra touches for that “Special Edition” feel.

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