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Mercedes plans C-Class Coupe

Mercedes will be axing the CLC to make way for a C-Class coupe. Even though the CLC is being axed to make way for it, it will actually be replacing the CLK-Class, which, sadly, was discontinued earlier this year.

The shape should be similar to the CLK, but will inherit smaller details from the C-Class sedan.

It won’t have a very long life though. With engineering of the next generation C-Class well under way, the coupe is planned to be sold for no more than 4 years, before it is replaced by a more curvaceous model that will follow in the footsteps of the CLS by boasting a practical, four-door layout, but with a coupe shape.

An open-top model will not be offered because of high costs to implement it.

I like the C-Class, and a coupe version should be interesting. Hopefully it will be a worthy successor to the CLK-Class, which I’ve always loved so much.

Source: Autocar

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