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Mercedes C-Class facelift leaked

Mercedes C-Class

Pictures of the upcoming Mercedes-Benz C-Class facelift have leaked on the internet through Mercedes UK’s online configurator.

Mercedes C-Class

Changes include a slightly modified front fascia, a new set of wheels, and LED daytime running lights.

Mercedes C-Class

I’m not really liking the new wheels, but otherwise, the car seems alright to me.

Source: Jalopnik

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Mercedes' AMG considering use of alternative fuels

Mercedes’ AMG division is considering the use of alternative fuels, one of which includes diesel.

AMG’s product manager for the C-Class, E-Class, SLK and SL, Oliver Wiech, said that “We are taking an open view and looking at lots of options, but if you look at our announcement on the electric SLS, you can see what is in the future.” He did not exclude diesel.

So electricity as an alternate fuel is definitely on the way, while others such as hydrogen, solar energy, and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) are under consideration.

To back up the possibility of diesel, there were reports back in 2008 that by 2011, Mercedes would build a diesel AMG version of the E-Class. It was said to be called the Super Hammer. It was supposed to have a twin-turbo diesel developing over 500bhp and a whopping 900nm of torque. The chassis would be taken from the C-Class, but the body was said to most likely be from the E-Class, and would be offered in cabriolet and coupe form. It’s only 2009, so maybe this car is still on its way.

AMG has made a diesel before. Back in 2002, they made the C30 AMG, which was based on the Sport Coupe body. So they’ve got some experience.

Source: WorldCarFans (As well as this page there)

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Mercedes plans C-Class Coupe

Mercedes will be axing the CLC to make way for a C-Class coupe. Even though the CLC is being axed to make way for it, it will actually be replacing the CLK-Class, which, sadly, was discontinued earlier this year.

The shape should be similar to the CLK, but will inherit smaller details from the C-Class sedan.

It won’t have a very long life though. With engineering of the next generation C-Class well under way, the coupe is planned to be sold for no more than 4 years, before it is replaced by a more curvaceous model that will follow in the footsteps of the CLS by boasting a practical, four-door layout, but with a coupe shape.

An open-top model will not be offered because of high costs to implement it.

I like the C-Class, and a coupe version should be interesting. Hopefully it will be a worthy successor to the CLK-Class, which I’ve always loved so much.

Source: Autocar

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