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Mercedes buys Brawn GP

Yes, it seems the rumours were true, Mercedes-Benz has indeed bought the double-championship winning Brawn team and it’s aiming to return to Formula 1 as a manufacturer since 1955. The German giant has bought about 75% of the English team and they say that Ross Brawn will remain team principal. They will also continue their deal with McLaren as they must supply engines for free for another 6 years to them.

Over the next two-year period McLaren will buy back actions worth 40% back from Mercedes. The new Mercedes-Benz GP team will be also based in the current Brawn GP factory in Brackley. The thing is, I just don’t understand what Mercedes is trying to play here. They will return to F1 by buying a team that has won a few weeks ago both world championships.

You might think: ok, that’s very intelligent then, they chose a winning team so it’s very good. You see, in F1, development takes time, so in general, the team which has the most time, experience and money turns up with the best car for the next year. Now Brawn have been fighting for the championship until the penultimate race so they kept their eyes focused on the 2009 car while others like Ferrari for instance had already began their development on their 2010 car.

The driver lineup will also be a problem. Rumours say that there will be an all-British layout at McLaren : Button and Hamilton, and an all-German layout at Mercedes: Heidfeld and Rosberg. Imagine that: the Germans will be laying the red carpet for each other in the ultimate fair-play team game begging each other to overtake while the Brits will be having a massive fight for who should be nr 1 .

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