Cadillac CTS-V Challenge receives over 120 applicants

The Cadillac CTS-V Challenge, in which the public can challenge Bob Lutz in his CTS-V to a race in their own sedan, has racked up over 120 applicants.

Now, obviously, not all of them are going to turn up to the track and race with Bob Lutz. In fact, the list is being whittled down to about 10 participants. And another interesting detail has came up: The finalists might not be racing Lutz at all. John Heinricy, former GM engineer and professional race driver, will be there to “be used at the discretion of Bob Lutz.” In other words, if you’re a professional driver, you’ll be up against him. I’m looking forward to the results, and really hope the CTS-V will be beaten. Not that I think it’s a bad car, I’d just like to see Lutz proven wrong.

Source: Autoblog

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