MFK Autosport tunes old RS6

Remember the MTM RS6 R? Well, tuning company MFK Autosport has decided to do something similar to the old RS6.

They’ve called it the MFK Autosport Powercar RS6. Now, the press release is quite poorly translated from it’s original language (Which is supposedly German), and it’s quite a short and vague press release too, so forgive me if the details I provide aren’t good enough for you.

What I can make out from the press release is that they’ve given the car new tires from Dunlop and rims from Schmidt Revolution. They also played around with the software of the twin-turbo V8 to up the power to 520hp, 80hp more than the original car. Then they offer a sports exhaust system for 5,999 Euros (Roughly $9,000). It is pretty damn awesome. I still prefer the MTM RS6 R though, because that chucks out a whopping 730hp in a package just as practical.

Press Release

Powercar RS6 – by MFK

The driving performance of the RS6 from MSK is on the level of a high performance sports car. Extreme sportiness was at primary focus during the conversion of the RS6. Hence there was not only the engine power to be increased but also the visual appearance to be improved.

The Audi RS6 from MFK hides the enormous power behind a harmonious series outfit. Huge spoiler and Airbrush finishing you do not get from MFK. Through big vents on the left and right side in the front the athlete sucks enough air for the optimized gearing. After a software change through MFK there are 520 hp at the RS6 command.

The aluminium rims from Schmidt Revolution are called CC-Line “Satin Black”. The 3-part rims are size 10,5×20″ and have been equipped with extremely big tires. MFK decided for high performance tires from Dunlop size 285/25-20. The wheelset guaranties secure running characteristics at high speed. Responsible for this is the high polished and extreme solid RADINOX outer ring made of stainless steel. Using wide base tires the RS6 rushes toward a targeted point at the horizon as if glued to the street.

In addition MFK offers a subtle sports exhaust system with 100 cells cat and Y-branch pipe for 5.999,00 Euro. Therewith the RS6 from Bad Kreuznach is not just as convenient as a light truck, but fast and fancy.

Source: Autoblog

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