Autodelta modifies the gorgeous Alfa 159

Alfa Romeo tuner Autodelta has worked their magic on the beautiful 159, creating what they’ve called the 159 J4 3.2C.

To create this epic 159, they upped the power from 260hp to 352hp, and torque went up from 322 to 435nm. They haven’t simply shoved a bunch of power in and left though. The chassis, brakes, suspension and electronics have all been modified as well to harness this new power. By the looks of it, there are also some minor visual modifications. I just hope that they went with the AWD version rather than FWD, because I haven’t a clue what chaos would result if you shoved that much power into a FWD car. If they did, then this car has finally got the performance to match the looks, and I’d love to buy one.

Source: Eurocarblog

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0 thoughts on “Autodelta modifies the gorgeous Alfa 159

  1. Monty says:

    yo yo yo yo yo yo pretty nice wheels but i have seen better like the new ’10 lamborghini and the maserati and buggati etc. keep me updated on facebook on wats going on in different companies and manufacturers. they keep me busy in night. by: Alexander Montgomerie see ya later :P

  2. alxbwscrew says:

    The picture is too small and dark to tell what tey’ve done to the outside really but I think it’s the usual skirts, bumbpers and a rear diffuser.

  3. Well, you can clearly see a diffuser in the gallery the source gives you, but otherwise the pictures they’ve released are too dark to tell.

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