Ferrari Builds Fiat 500 Endurace Racer

Just look at that back spoiler! It could easily go on a jumbo-jet.

Well since the Fiat 500 was launched we had the privilege to witness quite a few mad versions of it: first it was the 500 Abarth which was quite frisky with 135 horsepower but then someone decided that what they actually needed was more power, so they did a 160 bhp model. Now for a car this small 160 horses is quite insane.  But no. We then got the  Assetto Corse which was a stripped-out , rollcaged version for touring car racing. By this version we already had 3 hot 500’s. But then we got more: they’ve made a Ferrari tribute model, a rallying 500 and now we’ve got this: The Fiat 500 GT endurance racer. You might think it’s a cute, cheap, italian city car. With a 1.4 litre engine you might think it’s slow as well but mad people at work have managed to extract a whopping 360 horsepower out of it! That’s 250 bhp per litre of displacement! Not even a Ferrari can manage that! Tully bonkers! It’s built for endurance racing by a guy called Romeo Ferraris (that I think explains the article title) and it will debut at the 6 Hours of Vallelunga endurance race on November 22. Now I love small, Italian cars and this has to be the absolute ultimate really. I’m just curious what wil it do in the race. Even if it fails spectacularly, I don’t care because it’s just a brilliant piece of engineering.

Source: Autoblog

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