Renault launches first Gordini model

Well, as Igor wrote earlier, Renault was planning to revive the Gordini brand and now they’ve released their first model.

It’s the Renault Twingo Gordini RS and with such an important name in the car industry you might think it’s a lot better than the normal Twingo. Well, unfortunately, it isn’t. Renault has decided that the Gordini badge will remain only that, a badge, so all you get is metallic blue or black paintwork, two white racing stripes, gloss black front and rear bumper sections, and a white finish on the fog lamp surrounds, exterior door mirror housings and rear tailgate spoiler. Oh, and the inner rim on the alloys will be painted black.

I don’t really like this whole Gordini tuning house that Renault has launched but I have to say that this little hatch looks good. If you just want to pay £1600 for some stripes and minor changes, it’s your choice – except for the looks, Renault doesn’t get the thumbs up from me.

Source: Autocar

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