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Nissan releases NV commerical van

Nissan has released the NV commercial van at the 2010 NTEA Work Truck Show. This is Nissan’s first production commercial vehicle in North America.

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2010 World Car of the Year finalists released, top 3 to be announced in Geneva

The World Car of the Year jury has announced their top 10 finalists for 2010. The top 3 will be announced in Geneva, while the actual awards will be given out at the New York International Auto Show.

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Renault Considering Return to North America

Dacia Duster

Renault, maker of all sorts of nice cars like the Dacia Duster shown above, is considering returning to North America, after a 22 year absence.

Talking to Wall Street Journal, Renault’s Gerard Detourbet, head of the entry-level vehicles division, said that the Dacia Duster is a car which will influence this decision. He says that if the car does well in Eastern Europe and South America, Renault would consider giving it a chance in the US.

They won’t be entering with just one car though, like they did in late 1982 with the Alliance. They intend to have a whole family of affordable vehicles. Besides the Duster, the Renault Logan is another car which could be part of this line-up. Both cars will likely be changed for the US market though.

Renault is also considering an appearance in Southeast Asia.

I’d love to see Renault here, providing that they bring cars such as the Twingo RS and Clio RS.

Source: Wall Street Journal via Autoblog

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Renault Announces 2 Entry-Level Rally Cars

Renault has announced two Twingo based rally cars, meant to race in low-level rallying while still being good daily drivers. These are the Twingo RenaultSport R1 and Twingo RenaultSport R2.

They both come equipped with a four-cylinder 1.6L engine, putting out 160hp and 160nm of torque, 27hp more than the stock Twingo. The engine has been hooked up to a five-speed sequential gearbox with a dog clutch and wheel-mounted shifter (Not to be mistaken for paddle-shifters, the shifter is simply mounted to the steering column).

The exterior gets very little changes, just an optional roof mounted air intake as well as some new wheels.

The interior gets quite a few changes though. There are racing seats and harnesses, an LED instrument panel, roll cage, and racing wheel. There are also quite a few bits missing compared to the standard model, for the sake of saving weight.

The kit will cost about $40,000, but you need a standard Twingo to apply the kit to, which will set you back another $16,000 or so. Not too cheap if you ask me.

That’s why there’s the R1. The R1 is supposed to be a cheaper version of the R2 kit. They’ve removed some things like adjustable suspension and a limited slip differential to make it cheaper. Renault hasn’t released pricing on the R1 yet though.

Source: WorldCarFans

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Dacia Duster Revealed

Prices haven't been released yet but expect it to be very good value for money.

More great news from the country I live in, Romania, Dacia has revealed their road-going crossover : the Duster. After announcing that they will race it in the Trophee Andros with ace racing driver Alain Prost at the wheel, Dacia has now officially revealed their biggest car yet.

It’s also Dacia’s first ever crossover and a project quite thoroughly developed. Development started with the Duster Concept released earlier this year and then the surprise announcement of it going ice racing. The Duster will be available in two-wheel drive as well as four-wheel drive. You will be able to choose from the 108bhp 1.6-litre 16V petrol engine or 84bhp and 104bhp 1.5-litre diesels. Quite asthmatic indeed but this car isn’t meant to be sporty or fast, it’s just made to give you exactly what you’ve paid for. It’s also quite a big car at 4.31 metres long and 1.82 metres wide but don’t think that it will be rubbish off-road as a result. Dacia say that it’s a genuine off-roader when equiped with 4wd  as it has 20cm of ground clearance, a 30 degree approach angle and a 35 degree departure angle.

Dacia hasn’t said yet if they will send this in the UK as Renault (the company that owns the Dacia brand) decided they won’t ship it to the UK. However, they stated that the fact remains a possibility and if it they were to start selling cars there, they would only offer the Sandero and the Duster, not the Logan.

The Duster surprises us with funky details like this carved boot lid, a thing you don't expect from a car made on a budget.

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