Alfa Romeo Kamal spotted, possibly heading for production

An employee at one of Fiat’s R&D plants has captured photos of what looks like a modified version of the Alfa Romeo Kamal concept car.

This may or may not be a test mule. It could simply be an abandoned design study being moved to another location. Rumours of the Kamal going into production in 2010 existed, so this may be a test mule for the production Kamal. These rumours were killed when Fiat Group and Chrysler Group merged though, as it was believed that two Jeep SUVs would be used instead, simply rebadged as Alfa Romeos.

Fiat and Chrysler chief Sergio Marchionne is planning to release Fiat’s short- and mid-term plans later this month, so perhaps the Kamal is on the way after all. We’ll look into the plans once they’re released for any hints of the Kamal.

Source: WorldCarFans

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