Ferrari will allow Schumacher to leave

Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo has said that he will let Schumacher leave to Mercedes-Benz GP if he chooses to do so.

Michael Schumacher recently signed a three-year contract to help Ferrari develop road cars and be an ambassador for them, but di Montezemolo says the contract is “not binding” and he may leave if he wants. This would of course mean that Ferrari and Schumacher would end their long relationship, as he can’t work with Ferrari and a competitor at the same time.

Luca di Montezemolo says that Schumacher and Mercedes haven’t said anything to him about Schumacher leaving.

The German press is claiming that Schumacher has verbally agreed to a one-year contract with Mercedes-Benz GP worth around £3 million, but this is yet to be confirmed. Even if it is true, he still needs to sign the actual contract rather than just verbally agree to it.

The German press also says Schumacher needs the green light of doctors to sign the contract. He may not be fit enough to return to Formula 1. The latest medical tests were positive, but they may be outdated, or more tests may be needed.

Mercedes also has a long term goal of making Schumacher their ambassador.

I’d love to see Schumacher return, so hopefully this will become a reality.

Source: Autocar and WorldCarFans

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